Thursday, May 8, 2008

They're Not Just Merley Clothing, it is Fashion

As a youngster, I was oblivious as to why my older sister and mother always made efforts to look appealing to society. As I matured, I realized fashion was just as essential as everything else. Fashion is just as important as achieving sufficient grades, having a steady source of income, and building close intimate relationships. Many people feel that the models sashaying down the catwalks define fashion, or couture clothes out of their price range. Although those sentiments are involved in fashion at large, fashion in essence is a means of self-expression. Fashion is an art form and should be treated accordingly. Fashion statements can be made with clothing, accessories, shoes, hair, makeup, even a cell phone or car. One should utilize all the various aspects of fashion to create a character that they are content with. The most important impression that others receive from you is your fashion or lack thereof. Clearly, fashion is more than just a mere shirt and pear of jeans. It is one’s stance towards politics, one’s personality traits that defines his/her existence, and it is one’s confidence or lack thereof.

It is baffling to me that people still currently do not acknowledge the weight that fashion holds in society. Since the beginning of time fashion has been of the utmost importance. However as oppose to the early times of civilization where ones clothing cemented their social status, now ones clothing represents whom they are and possibly who they aspire to be. For people who aspire to be an artist of any kind, dressing quite creatively could be beneficial towards their future endeavors. That notion can be applied to many other aspirations as well. Dressing with style is not defined by the price of ones clothing nor in achieving the most glamorous appearance, yet it is the intent to present ones self with dignity, class, and individuality. The most important aspect of fashion is feeling good about yourself, not looking good. If you are self confident with a high level of self-esteem, undoubtedly looking good is the foreseeable outcome.

Fashion gives others a glimpse of who you are. More significantly, fashion shows one self who he or she is. As one matures, so should their fashion. A teenager should dress as a teenager just as a senior citizen should dress as a senior citizen. As it relates to my peers and I, we should dress as young adults and nothing in-between. Pajamas, and slippers should never be included in an outfit. Fashion is not a multi-billion dollar industry because it is not important. The clothing, shoes, accessories, hats, the unique aspect you bring forth to your style are all vital. I believe in the major essence that is fashion and I show it through my style. I show the world a glimpse of me through my daily ensembles. Always remember, “ they’re simply not clothes after all”, but clothes are fashion and fashion is you.
Urban Vogue vol. 2

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