Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Summer is Here, so Let's Act Like it.

As we all are aware the summer is here and due to global warming, the climate is forever changing. Nonetheless, the weather will usually consist of warm temperatures. Being a male, dressing for the summer is of the utmost important. We are only granted three months a year to show the world that ones style is not limited to one particular season. In the winter, students are busy making efforts to achieve high academic status and as a result style unfortunately takes the back seat. Accordingly, the summer is the time to show the world you are indeed FLY!!!

Now, we all know that being fly is in the eyes of the beholder. Essentially, what that means is that you must be your own beholder. Skinny jeans, non-denim shorts please, aviator frames, colors, converses, and ascots/scarves are must haves for the summer. With that said, plaid, graphic tees, premium denim, accessories, Nike dunks, are always relevant.

The most crucial aspect of being "FLY" is to be an individual and set yourself aside from everyone else. Anyone can visit their local H&M , Urban Outfitter, and Heritage to purchase the hot merchandise. Not everyone can add a scarf/ascot, touch of plaid, or not match intentionally. Maybe you can. Give it a try and I guarantee you will love the outcome. I did! Remember once you go Fly you will never be dry!!

Urban Vogue Vol. 1

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THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

sweet blog.
nice weezy f baby ref.
i deff agree with ur fashion guidlines.
and being fly is a must. LOL


Anonymous said...

Omg. YOu arwe so accurate. You are av ery talented writer. Im excited to see more of what you have to offfer.