Thursday, May 8, 2008

Michelle Williams is Delivering the Unexpected

Who would've thought that after the break up of the worlds best selling female group of all-time, Destiny's Child that Michelle Williams would emerge as one of the summers most promising artist. With a highly anticipated R&B album dropping August 12, Michelle has been all the rage amid industry insiders and bloggers all across the globe. Carried by the monstrous single " We Break the Dawn", Unexpected is said to be an album consisting of club/euro-pop synthesized beats/power ballads and that ultra raspy voice that Michelle is famous for.

Now Michelle has always taken somewhat of a backseat to the phenomenon that is Beyonce, and the potential that was Kelly Rowland. After a snippet of the song, " Stop This Car" leaked, blogs all over began to pay attention to the ultra blazing star that is Michelle Williams. Hep pics are amazing. Her hair is edgy. Her style is "fly". I mean, we all know that Rihanna has revolutionized the way we view young female songbirds and you have to be/ create some "heat" so the world will pay attention. Without a doubt, Michelle has done that. Of course Matthew Knowles does not wish to make the same mistakes he made with the Kelly Rowland Ms. Kelly era. From the fiasco that once was, it appears that he will Michelle will be getting the B treatment and her promotion will be stellar.

Cementing herself as one one the most versatile artist around, Michelle Williams is surely trailing the right path. She sets her self aside form the Ashanti's, Mya's, Kelly's, Amerie's, Alicia's and the Rihanna's of the world. Her charm, poise, and gospel roots make her an artist in her own league. This whole " Unexpected" thing is making people want more and we are expecting great things form Ms. Williams.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree, Michelle is something new and DIFFERENT, sadly Ms. Kelly didn't live up to her potential....but we can all expect the UNEXPECTED from this R&B beauty!

Anonymous said...

I love Michelle and I love your writing,

Jill said...

yes. Go ahead Urban Vogue. U have such an insight . nice blog