Monday, May 19, 2008

Fashion Misses

Janet what were you thinking. It looks like she expanded a sheet as far as it could go. Is she a bed in a bag. Dead wrong! She tragically wore this Alexander McQueen ensemble to the flagship store opening in L.A. NO!!!!!

Lindsay Lohan - She is ok when it comes to style , however not fly enough to release her own line of leggings. Leggings are not that hot, to be releasing a whole line of them. And the model to the left of her with those knee pads- no words. Just for nothing, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce have been the only ones I've seen pull off red lipstick.

Now I am the biggest Danity Kane fan there is however, when it comes to their fashion sense or lack thereof I am extremely underwhelmed. I am so over D.Woods- the name, the sneaks with every ensemble. When your going be the odd ball of a group you are suppose to be the flyest, not the wackest. And will her hair ever be normal again? Andrea and Dawn look nice. Shannon looks like a stylist threw that huge top on her and made her run out for the photo op. Aubrey - no words. I try not to be negative, but bad fashion just bothers me.

No, No, No. Now I know jump suits are in for the summer, not this one. A mess. Nobody do it. Her hair, shoes, all a mess. There are so many ways to make this look a success and she totally missed the mark.

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