Saturday, May 17, 2008

Essentinal Fashion Item

They are synonymous with flyness. They add to the edginess of an outfit. Their patterns, shapes, colors, and stripes can take an outfit from average to amazing with just adding this piece. Hats, hats, and more hats are essential to fashionistas and fashionistos flyness. They are convenient, generally inexpensive, and they come in a a wide variety. Hats should be a must have item in everyones closet. They also come in handy when your hair is not on point. Hats are of course not exempt from being whack so as meticulous you should be with your clothing, you should be with your hats. There are right ans wrong ways of rocking a hat.

  • Hats should not be dull
  • They should garner attention
  • They should fit( nothing hanging off or just plopped upon your head
  • They should go with the outfit( The look should be cohesive)
  • The color must be in accordance with the ensemble
  • If the hat doesn't improve the outfit, don't wear it.
  • Be creative( twist it, bend it , -they don't just have to be worn facing forward)


  • To wear one just because( all piece of an ensemble should have a purpose)
  • Wearing a hat that is wrong for the shape of your head
  • Girls( fitteds should never be worn- boys aren't wearing hats girls should wear)
  • Wearing two hats(that is an absolute travesty)
  • Not to be confident( the mirror doesn't lie - neither do I)

Hats are an excellent way to improve your style and adds another dimension as well. They further distinguish you from others and allow your individuality to shine. So next time your shopping, don't just look at the hat-buy it if its fly and it suits you.

Urban Vogue Vol.4

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