Friday, May 23, 2008

Fashion News- Donna Karan Does Handbags

Designer, Donnna Karan will now be adding handbags bags to her iconic American apparel line. The collection of handbags will consist of 27 styles, from evening clutches to shoppers, to framing bags. The collection of handbags will be introduced in the early fall. Vogue reports, “They’ve got the urban sensuality Karan has become synonymous with as well as a timeless look.” Karan stated, “It is a bag that doesn’t speak of a fashion moment but longevity.” All of the day bags are named for zodiac sings. For instance, there’s the Aries hobo, and the Libra saddlebag. There’s also handbags made with luxurious materials such as ostrich and glazed goat. For more info, visit, www.

R&B's Most Underrated Songbirds

Tamia . This R&B starlet has been making beautiful music since 1998. Her amazing voice is best known for the huge hit, Stranger In My House”. Just her voice alone should garner more attention than it does. Tamia’s songs tell stories of life and love. She has been nominated for numerous Grammy’s and she is a national spokeswoman for the disease, Sickle Cell Anemia. Now granted Tamia is married to Grant Hill, a very successful NBA player, so she does not have to work as hard as her not so fortunate counterparts. Nonetheless, I think she still should receive more attention for the media. Her most recent LP is “ Between Friends” and it is a stellar album.

Kelis has been a trendsetter since her burst onto the music scene in 1999. With her explosive debut single, “ Caught Out There”, Kelis cemented herself as the anit- R&B chick. Her eccentric music, style, and image has made her a standout im a genre full of singers all going for the same image, song, and video. Kelis’s raspy, sexy voice has been featured on numerous collaborations with top Hip-Hop artist. She is best known for her international hit, “Milkshake”, for being the spouse of the successful rapper, Nas. Kelis is well known international and will continue to be a trendsetter bringing the world alternative music that only she could. Her most recent LP was, “ Kelis Was Here”.

Jill Scott is also known internationally as a singer/songwriter/budding actress. Her latest album , “ The Real Thing” released in the summer of 2007 was indeed the real thing. Her music is among the most authentic, imaginative, creative, meaningful and stunning music existing today. Jill Scott is in al league all of her own. She has made the list because her brilliant music does not receive the attention it should. There is little radio airplay and her videos receive little airtime as well. Jill Scott has definitely been a trailblazer for R&B music and hopefully her star will continue to soar. Her music is definitely something to behold. She has parlayed her music career into a budding acting career. She starred in the groundbreaking Tyler Perry Film, “ Why Did I Get Married” and delivered a brilliant performance. With multiple acting roles and music in the future, please look out for Jill Scott and support this amazing woman.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fashion Trailblazer- Fatima Scott

She goes by the name of Highly Sophisticated a.k.a. Fatima Scott. This young woman defines fashion and has a unique style all of her own. As evident by her receiving the most fashionable lady at Penn State, people take notice of Fatima’s fashion sense. There is definitely something to be said for her flawless style. Weather it’s in her innovative make up, her dynamic accessories, or her extremely unique ensembles, she makes a bold statement. I believe Fashion is something that one does not force, it has to come off as natural and effortless. Fatima achieves unforced perfection on a daily basis and she exhibits to the world the art that is fashion. She not only is incredibly knowledgeable about fashion, Fatima is also extremely talented. For those reasons she could soar in fashion industry. Fatima’s Scott enormous talents can bee seen on her blog site, Her style is bold, classy, trendy, riveting, glamorous, and most importantly creative. Fatima choose Highly Sophisticated as her pseudonym and she definitely lives up to that name. I applaud her for her bravery to go against the grain and be an individual. She is my friend and in my eyes she is a fashion trailblazer.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Estelle - Wait A Minute [Just A Touch] (live at Later...)

There have been previous post on Estelle, I just love this woman's music and style. She is so great live. Her album Shine is out now!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Michelle Williams - We Break The Dawn OFFICIAL Music Video

I have been waiting so long for this video to premier.I have always believed in Michelle since her debut with Destiny's Child in the Say My Name Video. Her class, elegance, sex appeal, charisma, versatility, and talent is clearly visible in the video. She looks effortlessly amazing in the video. The album drops nation wide August 12 and I will surly be purchasing. I'm already anticipating her second single/video. She is bringing the music world something new and refreshing might I add.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Fashion Misses

Janet what were you thinking. It looks like she expanded a sheet as far as it could go. Is she a bed in a bag. Dead wrong! She tragically wore this Alexander McQueen ensemble to the flagship store opening in L.A. NO!!!!!

Lindsay Lohan - She is ok when it comes to style , however not fly enough to release her own line of leggings. Leggings are not that hot, to be releasing a whole line of them. And the model to the left of her with those knee pads- no words. Just for nothing, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce have been the only ones I've seen pull off red lipstick.

Now I am the biggest Danity Kane fan there is however, when it comes to their fashion sense or lack thereof I am extremely underwhelmed. I am so over D.Woods- the name, the sneaks with every ensemble. When your going be the odd ball of a group you are suppose to be the flyest, not the wackest. And will her hair ever be normal again? Andrea and Dawn look nice. Shannon looks like a stylist threw that huge top on her and made her run out for the photo op. Aubrey - no words. I try not to be negative, but bad fashion just bothers me.

No, No, No. Now I know jump suits are in for the summer, not this one. A mess. Nobody do it. Her hair, shoes, all a mess. There are so many ways to make this look a success and she totally missed the mark.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Essentinal Fashion Item

They are synonymous with flyness. They add to the edginess of an outfit. Their patterns, shapes, colors, and stripes can take an outfit from average to amazing with just adding this piece. Hats, hats, and more hats are essential to fashionistas and fashionistos flyness. They are convenient, generally inexpensive, and they come in a a wide variety. Hats should be a must have item in everyones closet. They also come in handy when your hair is not on point. Hats are of course not exempt from being whack so as meticulous you should be with your clothing, you should be with your hats. There are right ans wrong ways of rocking a hat.

  • Hats should not be dull
  • They should garner attention
  • They should fit( nothing hanging off or just plopped upon your head
  • They should go with the outfit( The look should be cohesive)
  • The color must be in accordance with the ensemble
  • If the hat doesn't improve the outfit, don't wear it.
  • Be creative( twist it, bend it , -they don't just have to be worn facing forward)


  • To wear one just because( all piece of an ensemble should have a purpose)
  • Wearing a hat that is wrong for the shape of your head
  • Girls( fitteds should never be worn- boys aren't wearing hats girls should wear)
  • Wearing two hats(that is an absolute travesty)
  • Not to be confident( the mirror doesn't lie - neither do I)

Hats are an excellent way to improve your style and adds another dimension as well. They further distinguish you from others and allow your individuality to shine. So next time your shopping, don't just look at the hat-buy it if its fly and it suits you.

Urban Vogue Vol.4

Friday, May 16, 2008

Definition of Fly- Who Else But B!

Now I know that Rihanna has been hailed as the new "It" phenomenon when it comes to music and fashion. However, Beyonce has always been "It" since Destiny's Child debut album. This woman is in a class all by herself and she is the Queen B. The pictures are the most recent leaked on the Internet. This is how a superstar should dress in my opinion. Such a classy lady. Simplistic, chic, effortless, and fly!!!! Its clearly not just her music genius that places her at the forefront of popular culture , its the fashion that speaks for itself. This woman knows what works on her and what doesn't. She takes risk and Urban Vogue applauds them . Now they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so accordingly I'll let the pics say what I haven't. Get em B'.

Definition of Style!!!! Estelle- Shines

Estelle is a singer that hails from the U.K. Her flyness makes me pay attention to her. She is the voice behind the hit single, American Boy ft. Kanye West. She is fly because she takes risk and she shows that fashion is glamorous and beautiful. Now that is not everybodys aesthetic, but it clearly is hers. I love when ladies dress like Ladies. She is fly and if you don't know it- now you do. Give her album a listen- Shine is out now!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Outcast Love (Poem)

I am the prosoner, I am the enemy
I am the outcast, I am the stranger
I am inhuman, I am a sinner
I am ugly, I am a stereotype

You look at me as if I am not human
As if I dont feel like you
As if I dont cry just like you
As if I dont shit... just like you

I do all the same things that you do
I live the same life and do just as you

I work, I eat unhealthy foods
I drink, I have friends ands a family

Incromprehensive is how you dont see how simular we are

In a place that has struggled forever to gain respect,
We have culturally]
We ahve from the media

But the truth is you haven't accerpted us in your heart
You never have from the start
Will oyu ever
Probably almost never

I'm sick- tired literally to death of singing this same ol'song
So shut the fuck up and realize, love is never wrong.

Time (poem)

Time is all that I have had
Time away from you
Doing all that I want to
During all the while missing you
I did what I thought was right
but in the steel of the night
I was craving you, longing for your touch
Time away changed a few things
The way I think, how I view you
So appreciative for what we've been through
You taught me plenty about me
But more about you
Time away made me realize what I was missing
How quickly I wanted to feel you , start kissing
Time is all that I have had
To see what I really want
Time is of the essence and I have made good use of it
All of the distance, time away, what I know I needed to do
Was it worth it because it all
Led me back to you.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blacks in Fashion! History Continues

Jourdan Dunn Channel Iman

There has always been a struggle for Blacks in the world of fashion. The High fashion industry has never catered to Blacks ever as compared to Caucasians. Many of the pioneers such as Beverly Johnson, Iman, Naomi Cambell, Tyra Banks, and others have paved the way for the present black models and those yet to come. In acknowleding the tremendous success of Lyia Kebede, Alek Wek, and Chanel Iman, there is still a void of blacks in the fashion industry. Fashion is a global commodity and as such European countries and of course America are both key players.

However a change could arise in the near future. Italia Vogue is looking to change the status of the black model in fashion. They are so adamant about this issue that their July issue will have no white models and in-demand 17 yr.old Jourdann Dunn will grace the cover. Supermodel, Iman is also reported to be involved. Italia Vogue hopes to encourage other fashion magazines to do the same and broaden their diversity. Supermodel Naomi Cambell has also been outspoken about racism in fashion. Jourdann Dunn was quoted as saying “London’s not a white city so why should all our castings be white? I go to castings and see several black and Asian girls, then I get to the show and look around and there’s just me and maybe one other coloured face,” she told the Evening Standard. “They just don’t get picked. I hope it’s because the designer just didn’t think they were good enough as a model but I don’t know.”
Alek Wek

Liya Kebede

The Strapless Dress

Kelly Rowland wore this Donna Karan dress to the London premier of the Sex and the City Movie and Rosario Dawson wore the same dress to a Ney York City event. Now the dress is okay. Im not amazed and I like to be amazed by fashion, especially gowns, dresses, frocks, etc. However Ms. Kelly wore it better. Her hair should have been up , and she would have been perfection. Rosario is simply boring and her hair- Hate it.What is up with the side thing ladies are doing. Please dont. Since when is that fly! And her black shoes are not catchy. There are a million ways to be simple but not boring. People forget how important the shoe is. Kellys fab, Rosario is drab!!

Definition of Fly!!

Rihanna was spotted leaving D.C. hotel looking Amazing!!!!! This girl is just the definition of Fly!!! Usually yellow and black are hard colors to pull off and she did it beautifully. When people wear bright, loud colors everything else should be simple. In this case it is about the jacket and the shoe!!! And of course one must utalize accessories.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Fashion Metamorphasis

We can see it all over the media. As of today, the urban males way of dress had a metamorphosis. From the biggest pair of Rocowear jeans to the fittest graphic tee from Urban Outfitters, men dressing with more style and being more aware of their appearance is increasingly more apparent. Males are wearing skinny jeans, fitted T- Shirts, scarves, and noteworthy footwear. It is a pleasure to see that as a result of the style revolution, men all over have taken a liking to the prep/urban trendy image. Largely contributed to by Kanye West, Pharell Williams, Common, and Andre Benjamin 3,000, this extremely popular look has been all the rage.

This look indeed inspires me along with many others. The prep/ urban trendy image has transformed the way that males are viewed by society. It has developed a slight sense of equality for various ethnicities. Fashion is such, that it impacts every cultural group existing. Black males in particular who in the past have adopted an intense thug look through their attire have now adopted this new look which makes them as a whole seem less deviant. Fashion does have a direct impact on others assessments of us and because this look is largely accepted by many, it places all males in the same category. Accordingly, the hip-hop genre has an immense impact on those who glorify it and a result is a broad diverse group of men attempting to achieve the prep/urban trendy look.

There are many right ways to achieve this look, but there are also even more incorrect ways to not achieve this look per say. Sometimes people try too hard and the outcome is a mess. Style should come across as effortless, despite the amount of effort put in. There is a slight juxtaposition with this fashion motif.

The Right Ways:
Be Creative
Keep Non-matching to a minimum (unless you know what you are doing)
For the people you admire, look to what they are doing
Add charisma
Love your look so others will

The Wrong Ways:
Not to be Creative
Be too matchy-matchy
Not to have inspiration
Not to add your personality
Not Love your look
This look will be around for many years to come. Embrace it, love it, wear it.

Urban Vogue Vol. 3

Voice of Tomorrow: Karina Pasion

Karina Pasian is an amazing vocalist/musician at only 16 years of age. She was signed to Def jam at only 15 years old. She sings in 7 languages and plays the piano. Now people claim her to be the heir to Alicia Keys throne, but lets not get carried away. She is amazing though. Her single out now is 16 at War produced by the Dream team, so of course it will be a hit. I am excited about what this young lady has to offer.

Voice of Tomorrow: Jazmine Sullivan

Jazmine Sullivan is an up and coming talent who is the latest muse of music legend, Clive Davis. With a hot new single, I Need You she is making her voice heard to the world. The song is a declaration of her need for her boyfriend obviously. Her voice is extremely soulful and with the “ Man with the magic ear”, behind her I’m sure she will be around for years to come. There is already a buzz surrounding her single and next is the video followed by some heavy promotion hopefully. I think this girl is a star and her music speaks for itself. Clive does not just pick anyone. Any by the way, she also has Missy behind her if that means anything. It use to, but not so much.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fasion does Go Left, RIght!!!!

Fashion does indeed go left when everyone goes right. Though I am not a fan at all of the Kevin Hall gown on Kimora Simmons, I applaud her fashion forwardness. Its all about taking risk sometimes and she did exactly that which makes her a true style star. She was indeed glowing that night and she caught the eye of everyone. She receives 4 snaps for the kids!!!!

The Simple Black Dress!!!!!!

Now of course I am a fan of the little black dress. But when it is a little black dress. The emphasis should be on the face, hair, make up, legs, shoe, but not the cleavage area. The picture of Ciara wearing the black dress is just too much and she makes it look cheap. Kim on the other hand actually looks demure in her own way which is surprising. When its a black dress, keep it simple with the skin, don't expose all if its a LITTLE black dress.

They're Not Just Merley Clothing, it is Fashion

As a youngster, I was oblivious as to why my older sister and mother always made efforts to look appealing to society. As I matured, I realized fashion was just as essential as everything else. Fashion is just as important as achieving sufficient grades, having a steady source of income, and building close intimate relationships. Many people feel that the models sashaying down the catwalks define fashion, or couture clothes out of their price range. Although those sentiments are involved in fashion at large, fashion in essence is a means of self-expression. Fashion is an art form and should be treated accordingly. Fashion statements can be made with clothing, accessories, shoes, hair, makeup, even a cell phone or car. One should utilize all the various aspects of fashion to create a character that they are content with. The most important impression that others receive from you is your fashion or lack thereof. Clearly, fashion is more than just a mere shirt and pear of jeans. It is one’s stance towards politics, one’s personality traits that defines his/her existence, and it is one’s confidence or lack thereof.

It is baffling to me that people still currently do not acknowledge the weight that fashion holds in society. Since the beginning of time fashion has been of the utmost importance. However as oppose to the early times of civilization where ones clothing cemented their social status, now ones clothing represents whom they are and possibly who they aspire to be. For people who aspire to be an artist of any kind, dressing quite creatively could be beneficial towards their future endeavors. That notion can be applied to many other aspirations as well. Dressing with style is not defined by the price of ones clothing nor in achieving the most glamorous appearance, yet it is the intent to present ones self with dignity, class, and individuality. The most important aspect of fashion is feeling good about yourself, not looking good. If you are self confident with a high level of self-esteem, undoubtedly looking good is the foreseeable outcome.

Fashion gives others a glimpse of who you are. More significantly, fashion shows one self who he or she is. As one matures, so should their fashion. A teenager should dress as a teenager just as a senior citizen should dress as a senior citizen. As it relates to my peers and I, we should dress as young adults and nothing in-between. Pajamas, and slippers should never be included in an outfit. Fashion is not a multi-billion dollar industry because it is not important. The clothing, shoes, accessories, hats, the unique aspect you bring forth to your style are all vital. I believe in the major essence that is fashion and I show it through my style. I show the world a glimpse of me through my daily ensembles. Always remember, “ they’re simply not clothes after all”, but clothes are fashion and fashion is you.
Urban Vogue vol. 2

Michelle Williams is Delivering the Unexpected

Who would've thought that after the break up of the worlds best selling female group of all-time, Destiny's Child that Michelle Williams would emerge as one of the summers most promising artist. With a highly anticipated R&B album dropping August 12, Michelle has been all the rage amid industry insiders and bloggers all across the globe. Carried by the monstrous single " We Break the Dawn", Unexpected is said to be an album consisting of club/euro-pop synthesized beats/power ballads and that ultra raspy voice that Michelle is famous for.

Now Michelle has always taken somewhat of a backseat to the phenomenon that is Beyonce, and the potential that was Kelly Rowland. After a snippet of the song, " Stop This Car" leaked, blogs all over began to pay attention to the ultra blazing star that is Michelle Williams. Hep pics are amazing. Her hair is edgy. Her style is "fly". I mean, we all know that Rihanna has revolutionized the way we view young female songbirds and you have to be/ create some "heat" so the world will pay attention. Without a doubt, Michelle has done that. Of course Matthew Knowles does not wish to make the same mistakes he made with the Kelly Rowland Ms. Kelly era. From the fiasco that once was, it appears that he will Michelle will be getting the B treatment and her promotion will be stellar.

Cementing herself as one one the most versatile artist around, Michelle Williams is surely trailing the right path. She sets her self aside form the Ashanti's, Mya's, Kelly's, Amerie's, Alicia's and the Rihanna's of the world. Her charm, poise, and gospel roots make her an artist in her own league. This whole " Unexpected" thing is making people want more and we are expecting great things form Ms. Williams.

Gaurdless ( Poem)

You make me feel as transparent as a flawless diamond
When I am surrounded by your company, I am fully naked
to you I bare my soul. The power you posses over me is overwhelming
and your arms are my shield to the world,If I could be with you now I would,
You shouldn't be on my mind now but how could you not
I love your eyes, I love you heart, I love your smile
that makes the world better, Can forever be your name, My life is not the same
I'm falling into you and my heart is wide open looking to you to
come inside and make me whole again
If everyday could be this I would freeze the moments capturing our growth,
What was once I is no us.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Summer is Here, so Let's Act Like it.

As we all are aware the summer is here and due to global warming, the climate is forever changing. Nonetheless, the weather will usually consist of warm temperatures. Being a male, dressing for the summer is of the utmost important. We are only granted three months a year to show the world that ones style is not limited to one particular season. In the winter, students are busy making efforts to achieve high academic status and as a result style unfortunately takes the back seat. Accordingly, the summer is the time to show the world you are indeed FLY!!!

Now, we all know that being fly is in the eyes of the beholder. Essentially, what that means is that you must be your own beholder. Skinny jeans, non-denim shorts please, aviator frames, colors, converses, and ascots/scarves are must haves for the summer. With that said, plaid, graphic tees, premium denim, accessories, Nike dunks, are always relevant.

The most crucial aspect of being "FLY" is to be an individual and set yourself aside from everyone else. Anyone can visit their local H&M , Urban Outfitter, and Heritage to purchase the hot merchandise. Not everyone can add a scarf/ascot, touch of plaid, or not match intentionally. Maybe you can. Give it a try and I guarantee you will love the outcome. I did! Remember once you go Fly you will never be dry!!

Urban Vogue Vol. 1

Thank you for reading