Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Outcast Love (Poem)

I am the prosoner, I am the enemy
I am the outcast, I am the stranger
I am inhuman, I am a sinner
I am ugly, I am a stereotype

You look at me as if I am not human
As if I dont feel like you
As if I dont cry just like you
As if I dont shit... just like you

I do all the same things that you do
I live the same life and do just as you

I work, I eat unhealthy foods
I drink, I have friends ands a family

Incromprehensive is how you dont see how simular we are

In a place that has struggled forever to gain respect,
We have culturally]
We ahve from the media

But the truth is you haven't accerpted us in your heart
You never have from the start
Will oyu ever
Probably almost never

I'm sick- tired literally to death of singing this same ol'song
So shut the fuck up and realize, love is never wrong.

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