Monday, May 12, 2008

Fashion Metamorphasis

We can see it all over the media. As of today, the urban males way of dress had a metamorphosis. From the biggest pair of Rocowear jeans to the fittest graphic tee from Urban Outfitters, men dressing with more style and being more aware of their appearance is increasingly more apparent. Males are wearing skinny jeans, fitted T- Shirts, scarves, and noteworthy footwear. It is a pleasure to see that as a result of the style revolution, men all over have taken a liking to the prep/urban trendy image. Largely contributed to by Kanye West, Pharell Williams, Common, and Andre Benjamin 3,000, this extremely popular look has been all the rage.

This look indeed inspires me along with many others. The prep/ urban trendy image has transformed the way that males are viewed by society. It has developed a slight sense of equality for various ethnicities. Fashion is such, that it impacts every cultural group existing. Black males in particular who in the past have adopted an intense thug look through their attire have now adopted this new look which makes them as a whole seem less deviant. Fashion does have a direct impact on others assessments of us and because this look is largely accepted by many, it places all males in the same category. Accordingly, the hip-hop genre has an immense impact on those who glorify it and a result is a broad diverse group of men attempting to achieve the prep/urban trendy look.

There are many right ways to achieve this look, but there are also even more incorrect ways to not achieve this look per say. Sometimes people try too hard and the outcome is a mess. Style should come across as effortless, despite the amount of effort put in. There is a slight juxtaposition with this fashion motif.

The Right Ways:
Be Creative
Keep Non-matching to a minimum (unless you know what you are doing)
For the people you admire, look to what they are doing
Add charisma
Love your look so others will

The Wrong Ways:
Not to be Creative
Be too matchy-matchy
Not to have inspiration
Not to add your personality
Not Love your look
This look will be around for many years to come. Embrace it, love it, wear it.

Urban Vogue Vol. 3

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