Monday, July 14, 2008

Urban Vogue's Questions of Randomness

1. Do people really care that much about pictures of celebrities babies?
2. Is it foolish to think that Kanye West's Pastel clothing line will be extremely successful?
3. Did Usher really think he was gonna have the same success with Here I Stand as he had with the ground
breaking Confessions?
4. Are y
ou at all excited about the "Wendy Williams Talk Show"?
5. Did you know that Phat Fashions( Baby Phat/Phat Farm) was pushing $1 Billion in sales?
6. Speaking of Kimora, how much do you love" Kimora:Life in the Fab Lane"?
7. Now that Rihanna is an international style icon, shouldn't she have her own clothing line?

8. Now that she's been Stripped and took it Back To Basics, what will be the musical direction of Christina Augilera's fourth album?
9. Aren't you anxiously anticipating the 5th season of Project Runway?
10. Shouldn't there j
ust be a Black Vogue, not just the one issue issue featuring black models?

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