Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fashion News: Solange for ARMANI

Legendary Designer, Gorgio Armani has announced that Solange Knowels is the new Armani Jeans Global Ambassador. Heres the official statement: "Armani Jeans expresses my vision of a young, independent, casual lifestyle with a strong and cool fashion sensibility. Solange epitomizes this style perfectly and brings to it that swing so evident in her new single, 'I Decided'. What a match. This is a good look for Solange whose album, SoL-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams drops August 26. Solange will be rocking Armani in the near furture during all of upcoming promotions and tours.

Here Solange rocking Armani as she performed at the House of Blues on the Sunset trip. She takes risk with her fashion and pushes the envelope. It obviously has the fashion world taking notice. She will be performing at the Fashion Rocks Concert.

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