Monday, July 28, 2008

Fall Fashion: Let Your Style Suit You

The time for us to return to school will quickly approaching and college students all over should be getting their fall wardrobe together. With all the trends for the fall already publicized, one must act accordingly. With that said, style always overrides any trend. This is of the utmost importance because every trend is not for everybody. For some, the skinny jean trend may not work. However for every trend that doesn't work, there is one that does. If skinny's don't suit you,then perhaps wideleg pants or jeans will. It's all about discovering what looks great on you. Ones body is their temple or as I call it, their expressive journal to the world. Its is all about discovering what looks great on you. As a female, one should always strive to appear sophisticated, tall, and chic. As a male, you should always aim to appear mature, confident,and effortless. As you are walking around campus you want to represent yourself as an individual who is READY. Ready to achieve greatness, ready for the drama that is the inevitable , and ready for all in between. Your style choices will assure you success. As the late great Yves Saint Laurent once said, " Fashion fades, style is eternal".

- Urban Vogue

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