Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mens Fall Fashion Runway 08 Preview - Part 1

Sean John

The grandiose collection by Sean John was by far my favorite. The beginning soundtrack boomed, " I am Black, I am Beautiful, I am King". Thats exactly what the collection was. The most significant piece in the collection was the half jacket. The colors, the clothing, and the fashion were all generally cohesive. The collection had strength and power.

Michael Kors
The theme, The Reel Life mixing timeless and tabloid. reported, " For the men, in their heavy horn rims and snap-brim hats, it was more Cary Grant with the mean streak of Mad Men, It worked". I completely concur.

Jil Sander
Perhaps Venice served as the inspiration for the latest collection. Most of the collection was comprised of marbling in the coats and suits. The most powerful looks of the collection were the monochromatic, somber, and refined looks.

A cross between London streetwear and the ski slope of St.Mortiz. The collection was comprised of wintry sportswear with crisp tailoring and fine detail as expected by the designers.

Marc Jacobs
The inspiration for the collection, Modern Urban Nomad- A man who's never in one place too long and is able to ship out quickly. There were plenty of top coats combined with fitted tapered pants.

Alessandro Dell' Acqua
The theme of the show ,Eco/Glamor. The collection consisted of edgy, classic, bold, and somewhat timeless pieces. The layering in the collection was heavy, sexy, and true to the designers aesthetic.

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