Monday, June 2, 2008

Urban Vogue's 10 Questions

1. Isn't Danity Kane far too talented of a group to be signed with BadBoy?
2. Is anyone else excited for what could be Solange Knowles future success?
3. Isn't it a little cocky of Usher to proclaim Chris Brown the heir to his throw?
4. Don't you hope there are no more American Idols and Making the Bands?
5. Why didn't Amerie's or Mya's album ever came out?
6. Aren't you glad Pussycat Doll front woman, Nicole Sherzinger gave up her dreams of solo success?
7.Although they took Toni's character off "Girlfriends", now that the show is gone, don't you miss it?
8. Don't we all hope Whitney does really have a successful comeback?
9. Is anyone else over Mariah Carey and that whole fiasco?
10. Should Kelly Rowland really be upset they choose Jeniffer Hudson over her for the part of Carrie's assistant in the Sex and The City Movie.

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