Monday, June 2, 2008

Fashion Staple- All Black

From the legendary look that was Jackie O’Nassis Kennedy or to the iconic black dress adorned by Audrey Hepborn, or to the classic black suit worn by Hollywood’s leading men, all black has always been a fashion staple. It is an effortless feasible look that garners instantaneous attention. When one is in doubt as to what to wear, all black is a permanent option. All black is one of the most versatile fashion looks. It can be worn to school, work, a night out, etc. All black is appropriate for all occasions and it also looks classy, elegant, and professional. It makes a bold yet subtle fashion statement all at once. All black is demure, confident, contemporary, dark, chic, and most notably it is such an easily attainable look. Nearly every clothing retailer carries black merchandise and my advice is to go purchase an all black ensemble. You surely will not regret you’re this choice.

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