Sunday, June 22, 2008

Urban Vogue's Questions of Randomness

1. Didn't we all know that E=MC2 was not going to be as stellar and successful as the Emancipation of Mimi?
2. Do you think singer, Amerie will have Rihanna type of success now that she is signed to Def Jam?
3. How happy are you that Vogue Italia July issue will feature exclusively all black models?
4. Don't Dolce & Gabbana have the best fashion advertisements?
5. What do you think about Avril Lavigne coming out with a clothing line?
6. Will you be purchasing tickets to Janet Jackson's Rock Witchu Tour?
7. Why did Rihanna re-release her breakthrough album Good Girl Gone Bad?
8. Aren't you still waiting for Lauryn Hills new album?
9. So now that Beyonce,Kelly, and Michelle are having even more success this time around with their solo projects, will Destiny's Child ever make an album again?
10. Will Ashanti ever be able to headline her own world tour?
11. Why is D.L. Hugley the host for the 2008 Bet Awards?
12. When are gas prices going to decrease?
13. Now that Lil' Wayne latest album sold a million plus in its first week isn't it safe to say that the music industry is not in a slump, consumers are just extremely selective with who they buy versus who they download?
14. Will Amy Winehouse have a third album?
15. What will Hilary Clinton due now?

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