Sunday, June 22, 2008

Designer Spotlight- Hannah Marshall

She hails from London, and her latest collection features all black garments. She is poised to be one of London’s most promising designers. Her clothes are edgy, hard rock, inspired, and smart. Hannah Marshall’s signature black dresses are a well received by London’s artistic elites. Hannah Marshall’s fall collection has a “ sophisticated neo-Goth vibe that comes across in razor- thin leather jackets, exaggerated ’80-style shoulders, and snug minis” say ELLE’s Whintey Vargas. Her collection makes a bold statement as it is titled “Code Black”. “ Designs can often be a bit meaningless- ‘Oh, stick a bow in it and it looks pretty, for me, fashion is about intellectual concepts that make people think”, Marshall says. Her collections captivate the mind and her words inspire one to look beyond the clothing. Hannah Marshall intellectual nature will benefit her and indeed separate her form many designers.

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